Motorcycle CBT Test Centre - Nottingham and Derby

Compulsory Basic Training

Call 2 Counties Rider Training to book your CBT: 0115 972 8293

The CBT test allows riders aged 16 or over to ride a learner legal moped of up to 50cc and riders aged 17 or over to ride a learner legal motorcycle of up to 125cc. These low-powered introductions to free, independent riding will allow you to keep up with traffic and gain valuable experience while costing just £17 a year in road tax.

What you'll cover during your Motorcycle CBT Test

• Element A: Eyesight test, overview of the day and protective wear briefing.
• Element B: Learning the controls and daily/weekly maintenance checks.
• Element C: Learning to ride the bike.
• Element D: Pre-ride road briefing (Highway Code).
• Element E: 2 hour road ride (minimum).

• CBT Test Gift vouchers available.

CBT test in Notingham

Once all 5 elements have been completed to a satisfactory level, you will be issued with your CBT certificate. This allows you the freedom to legally ride on the road. When riding after having been issued your CBT certificate you will need to display L Plates. The CBT does not allow you to carry pillion passengers or ride on the motorways. Your CBT certificate remains valid for 2 years, allowing you to take your full motorcycle test at your own pace.

We only issue a Motorcycle CBT certificate when you are a safe and competent rider, so if you do find you are struggling with an aspect of riding may ask you to come back for further training.
We take your safety very seriously, if we ask you to come back then further training will be offered at the discounted price of £20 per hour.

The CBT test can be completed in one day, however if you have not ridden a bike before or have no experience on the road, it may be worth considering other training options first.

If you have never ridden a motorcycle or scooter it may be worth considering a 1 Hour Taster session. We will show you the controls of the bike and how they work, get you moving away and coming to a stop safely, we will also get you having a go at slow riding (clutch control) and gear changes. This will give you more confidence when you come to do the CBT. The 1 Hour Taster is £25 which includes bike hire and safety equipment.

If this would be your first time out on the road, then you can practice road signs at

CBT Extra

This covers all the same elements as the CBT test, but it is spread over 2 days. We can spend more time on the training ground allowing you to be more comfortable with the bike controls and we will also spend longer out on the road for you to gain more experience and confidence on the road. Contact us for more details.