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The CBT is a five-element training course that you must complete to be allowed to legally ride a Motorcycle or moped.

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What is the CBT?

The CBT is a five-element training course that you must complete to be allowed to legally ride a Motorcycle or moped.

It is a course, NOT a test. However, if we feel you are struggling with an aspect of riding may ask you to come back for further training before you get your certificate. We take your safety very seriously, if we ask you to come back then basic training will be offered at the price of £30 per hour.

You cannot legally ride a motorcycle on the road without completing your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). So before attempting to attain any of the other licences you must first complete this.

What does the CBT involve?

The CBT is made up of five elements

This includes on-site and on-road training, which must total at least two hours of on-road riding.

On-site training is in a safe controlled environment that is closed off to other road traffic. This time will be used to allow you to get used to riding a bike and practise manoeuvres around cones.

The on-road training takes place on public roads where you would need to demonstrate to us that you can ride safely with other road users

What can I ride with my CBT?

Once all elements of the CBT have been completed to a satisfactory level, you will be issued with your DL196 certificate. This allows you the freedom to legally ride on the road. When riding after having been issued your CBT certificate you will need to display L Plates. The CBT does not allow you to carry pillion passengers or ride on the motorways.

Riders aged 16 or over can ride a learner legal moped of up to 50cc and riders aged 17 or over can ride a learner legal motorcycle of up to 125cc. These low-powered introductions to free, independent riding will allow you to keep up with traffic and gain valuable experience while costing just £25 a year in road tax.

Compulsory Basic Training

Get on the road

  • From just £150.00
  • Bikes and safety equipment included from just £165.
  • The CBT can be taken on 125cc motorbike or scooter.
  • CBT Training available starting from £30 per hour.
  • Advice and information from our helpful instructors.
  • Ideally located for Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Leicestershire.
  • Gift vouchers available.

What's next?

After the CBT, the next step is to pass your full test.

AM Licence (16+ Years) A1 Licence (17 + Years) A2 Licence (19+ Years) A Licence (24+ Years)

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Use our guide to find out where to start, what type of bike each licence lets you ride and how to get started.

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